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This service is offered by the Ministry of Agriculture (“the Ministry”) through the facilities of the Farm Land Security Board. By using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. Unless set out in a separate license agreement, this service provides you with a “one-time”, non-transferable license to access information in the Ministry’s Land Sale Database (“the Information”).


2. You are only authorized to access the Information through this website for the purpose of preparing market value comparisons, analyses, summaries, and reports and not for any other purpose whatsoever.

3. Access to the Information is only permitted by you personally. If you are accessing the Information on behalf of a corporation or other organization, access may be given only to those officers, employees or agents of your organization that require the Information in order to produce comparisons, analyses, summaries and reports based on information contained in the Database.

4. You agree not to provide access to your login user name or password to any person that does not fall within the scope of section 3, above.

5. You agree not to sell, transfer or provide to anyone else any of the information contained in the Database unless it is specifically authorized by this User Agreement.

6. You are not allowed to include the names of the sellers or purchaser of any land transactions set out in the Database to anyone else, or in any comparisons, analyses, summaries and reports you provide to your clients or anyone else.

7. You are not allowed to provide the Information in whole to any clients or any other third party receiving any market value comparisons, analyses, summaries, or reports and may only share a subset of the Information, limited to only such data as may be relevant to the purpose of the disclosure.

8. The Restrictions on Use contained in this User Agreement continue to apply to the Information after the period during which you have an active account. The Ministry of Agriculture reserves the right at all times to deny access to the Information if you are not in compliance with this Agreement.


9. The Information you access pursuant to this User Agreement, including passwords and personal information within the meaning of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, are to be treated as confidential and may not be disclosed to anyone except with the prior written consent of the Ministry.

10. You agree to safeguard and protect the Information and to immediately report any known or suspected breach of the confidentiality of the Information.


11. The Ministry makes no warranty, and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy, content or completeness of the Information. You agree to accept the explanations and qualifications regarding the Information data set out in Schedule “A” .


12. You agree that you will be responsible for any loss, injury, liability or claims of any kind that arise as a result of your use of the Information.

Schedule A: Data Explanations and Qualifications

It is accepted and acknowledged that:

a. The sales codes represent the following:

i. family sale (fam): the sale occurs between a purchaser and vendor wherein the same last name is found;*

ii. arms length (arms): the sale occurs between a purchaser and vendor wherein the same last name is not found;*

iii. debt settlement (debt): this sales code is no longer active but was used in the 1990s to indicated that the vendor was a banking institution and sold the property to recover debts; and

iv. undetermined (und or blank): the type is not recorded in the database.

b. Soil class data follows the classifications of Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation and has not been updated since the land sales database was created, though soil classes generally do not change.

c. Legal Land Description: This is the Information Services Corporation name for the parcel. Transactions that Information Services Corporation now records as parcel numbers and not by quarter section are not covered by using the Legal Land Description search option. Users should consider searching by Rural Municipality instead if they need to see recent transactions that involve locations Information Services Corporation records as parcel numbers.

c. Assessment: This is the value of the specific parcel in the record according to Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency’s most recent assessment. This data is obtained once per year. The assessment value is not available for land that is identified by Information Services Corporation’s parcel number. It is only available for land that continues to be identifies by quarter section.

* These sales codes indicate only whether or not the same surname is found in the entries for the purchaser and the vendor. These codes should not be interpreted as an indication of whether or not a sale has been made at “arm’s length” as that term is commonly understood among appraisers.

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